Dolphins & Caves



The waters of the algarvian coastline are the passing point for different species, especially whales, sharks, turtles, sea birds and mainly cetaceous (dolphins). The species that are most seen are the “short-beaked common dolphin” (Delphinus Delphis) and the “common bottle-nose dolphin” (Tursiops Truncatus), as this last one can reach up to 4 meters in length and live up to 45 years of age. During this cruise you will have the possibility of getting to see these fun and friendly animals (Spotting any ceataceous is guaranteed), as well as for the rest of the itinerary you can marvel the caves and rock formations which make the southern coast of Portugal one of the most beautiful in the world. 

Note: This cruise lasts two hours, departs from the Marina of Albufeira and it’s carried out by a catamaran Belize Terceiro that can reach 30 miles/hour.

Rebooking policy: In the case of not finding dolphins no refunds are given, however the client has the option to rebook again free of charge or use the ticket value against another AlgarExperience activity, except parasailing or fishing. AlgarExperience reserves the right to use a speedboat in case of technical problems with Belize Terceiro.

Terms & Conditions

• Children aged from 3-10 years old